Growing up in the countryside in South America, from an artisan family, I learned the value of simplicity. I was taught to appreciate and work with nature, to utilize the resources arround us, and craft clothing and tools from those raw materials, that with time, will become part of our everyday life.  For over a decade, I have been working in the fashion industry with my wife, Alysa, and raising a family in Brooklyn.  Our never ending search for timeless pieces and obsession with quality products have led us to develop our own line of leather goods that are the perfect marriage of utility and design.  We take inspiration from lifestyles found in close-knit enclaves within the outer boroughs of one of the world's most bustling cities.  Our goal is to handcraft artisanal goods that are both functional and distinguished. On our journey for quality matirials we have moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, a city full of entrepreneurs and artists, where we will continue our search for distinctive raw textiles in order to delivering a quality product.


I hope you enjoy everything we create for you.



Owner and Master Craftsman.